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Membership of a Rotary club is something granted to those willing to commit to assisting in their local communities, in addition to the global community. If you are ready to join other like minded individuals in accomplishing these goals you should let us know.

A Message from our President

I am extremely humbled by all my fellow Rotarians and all they have accomplished since the world turned upside-down in 2020.  It has been a challenging environment, and often we see the character of groups and people when they are faced with adversity.  I am so proud of the effort we have shown, and I think we have paved the foundation to be more effective and impactful than ever.

As we think about the year ahead, I believe we need to continue our focus on deepening our relationship with organizations in our community.  We have seen so much success in the past year with this strategy and through our combined efforts with groups that have similar values and goals.  By collaborating with other organizations, we increase our impact, our messaging, and our visibility.

What differentiates us is our commitment to service above self, and with the right partnerships, I think we can help spread that mentality and message to others.  With that, we not only improve our club, but we also improve the world in which we operate. 

Jordan Kaufman

President of the Rotary Club of Ridgewood AM 2021-2022




PRESIDENT - Jordan Kaufman

VP & SGT at ARMS - David Scher

TREASURER - Jay Fowler 


PAST PRESIDENT - Lisa Sammataro

SECRETARY - Anne Bosch


Steve Castellucci

Tom Engle

Rob Elfers

Ken Espenak

Vince Giordano

Glenn Godart

Sylvia Goldmann

Scott Johnson

Elise Merhige

John Plum

Michael Tozzoli

The Rotary Club of Ridgewood AM is a Section 509(a)(1) that receive its public support primarily from gifts, grants and contributions from a broad group of people. Section 509(a)(2) covers organizations that receive their support from a combination of gifts, grants and contributions and fees for their exempt services.