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Benefits of membership include professional and personal growth. By active participation members develop professional skills, multigenerational networks, and friendships with fellow members who share the same goal of helping others. That satisfaction of doing so creates a warm comradery that enriches members’ lives


The many local causes and charities supported by The Rotary Club of Ridgewood AM are listed here. 


The Benefit of Learning from others helps us focus on where the greatest needs are in our communities. Members and speakers have included local, county and state government leaders; medical professionals; business leaders; specialists in various industries and services as well as leaders of non-profits. 

Membership includes all generations including those from the chapter’s founding in 1985 to the most recent. Despite its name, the Ridgewood Rotary attracts members from almost 20 local communities. Our members come from all the major industries and professions including education, mental health, recreation, insurance, communications, finance, law, banking, human resources, real estate, marketing, accounting, home design, engineering, data processing, plus many more. The diversity of expertise exhibited amongst our members is a valuable resource that we all share.

The committees supporting our club are as follows:

  • Allocations - Charitable Support and Educational Scholarships

  • Community Service Activities

  • Fundraising

  • Gift of Life

  • Interact at Ridgewood High School

  • Membership

  • Programs (Speakers)

  • Public Relations and Communications

  • Social Service and Community Service Activities and Projects

  • Website and Social Media

For those interested, our club provides professional development and growth in organizational management and fiduciary responsibility through its own Foundation, its District Level activities, Rotary’s national activities, and the Local and International Foundation management. And finally, for those also interested in traditional networking opportunities through Rotary,  there is Rotary Means Business (RMB), which is chaired by one of our members, and meets monthly.


The worldwide organization, Rotary International information covers the 1.2 MM worldwide members of Rotary in over 100 countries. To understand  how Rotary International operates and its relationship to the Rotary Foundation, please read the attached.

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