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He is One in a Million!

Updated: Jun 10


ur long time member and treasurer Jay Fowler is actually closer to One in 1.4

Million. Recently, Jay received the prestigious SERVICE ABOVE SELF award from

Rotary International in which only a handful of members from the worldwide

membership of 1,400,000 are selected for their outstanding service to others.

However, Jay’s status of One in A Million goes far beyond this International


Those who know Jay, appreciate his compassion and spirit of giving to everyone

he meets. Jay is a local reservoir of goodwill who grew up in Bergen County, went

to high school at Northern Highlands, received his degree from Lafayette and

served in the US Army as a First Lieutenant.

Jay met his wife Kathy in the Caribbean when they both were on spring break.

Kathy is from Canada and they had a long distance (cross-border) relationship

until 1972 when they were married in Allendale.

Fast forward from their wedding to today. Jay and Kathy have four daughters and

four grandchildren. Kathy and Jay travel often to visit their family near and far

from Ohio to England and more recently have spent time in Hawaii where one of

their children has a home. When not traveling, Jay continues to be active in the

commercial construction business where he currently consults on large projects.

To say that Jay has been active in Rotary over the past 40+ years would be an

understatement. Since joining Rotary International in 1979, Jay has held dozens of

executive positions, been on more than 25 advisory boards and dozens of boards

of trustees. Jay is currently the Treasurer of the Ridgewood AM Rotary as well as

the Chair of the Ridgewood AM Rotary Foundation which is responsible for the

stewardship of a $500,000 endowment. He is tireless in the time he donates to

local charities, causes and initiatives and can be found on designated Saturdays

collecting food at the Ridgewood Stop and Shop on behalf of Social Service

Association and Father English food pantries.

So, it is no exaggeration to say that Jay is truly ONE IN A MILLION!! Thank you Jay

for all that you do.

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