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Meet Dave Sayles -ROTARY MEMBER

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Bee Hive

Beekeeping can teach you lots about planning and managing risk!

David Sayles recently became a beekeeper at his lake house in Lake George, NY. It may seem like an unlikely connection between insurance and beekeeping, but the lessons he has learned are invaluable.

Honey bees have been in the news and more we learn about bees and their importance in our ecosystem, we begin to understand the importance of this species. As reported in Bee Informed Partnership the bee population in the United States has seen a dramatic decline of 40% over the last few years. To counteract this phenomenon, Dave decided to become a beekeeper. Aside from helping the environment, Dave wanted a new hobby which connected him to nature.

Honey bees are organized around tasks very specific roles and duties which produce honey, a very nice output which humans enjoy. Like any organization, a leader is important and in the case of honey bees it is the “queen bee”. The “queen bee” (boss) through her instinctual purpose is responsible for motivating hundreds of drone bees in her hive to gather nectar and water from surrounding countryside, and bring it back to the hive to create a food source for the entire community. The drones follow their genetic destiny in order to keep the hive healthy and robust.

Once you realize that there is a very sophisticated social structure and that everyone has their role and purpose, it is very important that the beekeeper be part of that ecosystem.

I became interested in beekeeping because I believe it is a great way to enjoy nature near the lakeshores of Lake George and perhaps enjoy the honey as a result. I have found that honey flavors and attributes are the result of the nectar and territory the drones cover in their flights. In my hive’s case, the flavors have a distinct hint of mint based on mint plants nearby.

Lake George upstate New York

I have been amazed at how docile and harmless the honey bees are and they are very focused on their mission to keep their community safe and vibrant. I have learned so much from my bees in such a short time.

I know it may be a stretch from bees to insurance, but the parallels are important to appreciate. My clients are always looking at ways to keep their community (hive) safe from threats. Therefore, they seek my advice on how to help mitigate risk for their property, business and enterprise. I am as diligent in protecting my client’s assets as I am in protecting my bees’ hive from predators and danger.

I want to thank everyone at David Sayles Insurance who have been part of our great story over the years. I couldn’t have built this business without their true passion for helping others.

We welcome you to get to know our team for all of your property and casualty insurance needs. Who knows, you may get some of my latest honey harvest!


David Sayles Jr.

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