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Rotarian Ernie Lamour

Ernie Lamour

The Rotary Club of Ridgewood AM proudly features its member Ernie Lamour. Ernie joined our club over two years ago and has brought a broad vision of community outreach and mission to our club.

Ernie has served as the chief executive officer of the Ridgewood YMCA since 2016. Previously, he provided his expertise to the Stamford YMCA as the chief executive officer and a senior program director between 2008 and 2016. Over the years, Mr. Lamour gained valuable leadership experience through the Stamford Jewish Community Center, where he worked as the director of summer camp, the director of youth programs and the director of sports and recreation. .

Before beginning his career in the field, Ernie earned a Bachelor of Science in community recreation and leisure studies in 2003. Subsequently, he graduated from West Virginia University with a Master of Science in sport management in 2009.

Ernie lives in Hawthorne with is wife and two daughters. His family has made significant changes to accommodate remote learning during COVID9. This personal experiences has helped him modify the YMCA’s pre-school and remote learning programs to help families who are impacted by the disruption of family life.

In spite of a demanding schedule and community outreach, Ernie can be found at the YMCA early in the morning putting himself through a very demanding cross fit workout.

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