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Dr. Frey on the Ritchie Boys

Dr. Frey and Glenn Godart

The Rotary Club of Ridgewood AM and Wykoff/Midland Park Rotary Club sponsored Dr. Frey’s presentation at Ridgewood Public Library on Tuesday September 14th. Dr. Frey is a professor at West Point Military Academy and is a leading expert and historian on diversity in the military and the Ritchie Boys who helped turn the tide against the Germans in WWII.

Ridgewood AM member Glenn Godart has worked with Dr. Frey over the past 2 years as Glenn researched his father’s participation as a Ritchie Boy during the war. Glenn is piecing together his father’s story because the Ritchie Boys (over 20,000) were sworn to secrecy for a sixty years after the war.

A big thank you to Glenn and Dr. Frey for Tuesday evening’s presentation to the community in person and streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

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